Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is when someone grooms and controls a child for a sexual purpose.  It can be difficult to distinguish between a young person making their own choices and being coerced.  It is really important for young people to be aware of the signs of sexual exploitation and being able to talk to an adult who they trust.

It can happen to boys and girls, it can happen in towns, villages, cities, it can happen face to face and it can happen online.

Children who are sexually exploited are victims of child abuse and are suffering harm.

For help, advice and information on how to spot the signs visit the Child Sexual Exploitation pages on Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board website:

For details on who to speak to if you are worried about Child Sexual Exploitation visit the who to contact page from the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board:

If you are a child or young person, it is never your fault, and you will be believed.

Speak to a teacher or trusted individual about what you are experiencing, witnessing or worried about. There is help and support available.

How to keep safe

Keeping Safe

If you think you are experiencing any type of abuse, it is important to remember that it is not your fault and that there is support available.
How to keep safe