Children and Young People

Are you worried about a friend who is or maybe experiencing domestic abuse?

Do you ever feel afraid to go home? Is someone making you do things you don’t want to do? Find out how to get help.

Children and young people can be affected by abuse too, either from their own partners, peers, or family members, or by witnessing abuse in their home.

Children and young people can experience all types of abuse covered by this website e.g. female genital mutilation, forced marriage, sexual violence, or abuse from their partner. Children and young people can also be hurt by seeing or being involved in violence and abuse between adults.

It is never your fault, and you will be believed. Speak to a teacher or trusted individual about what you are experiencing, witnessing or worried about. There is help and support available.

Teachers in Gloucestershire have all received training about these types of abuse and are encouraged by the Safeguarding Children’s Board to deliver ‘healthy relationship’ sessions as part of the Personal Social Health Education Curriculum. Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning offer support to these educational settings and staff.

If you suspect that a child may be at risk of abuse, then it is important that you report these concerns to children social care here or call children’s helpdesk on 01452 426565 and/or the police central referral unit here

A vast range of professionals including police officers, teachers and social workers now have a greater awareness of this abuse in Gloucestershire. If a child is at immediate risk ring the Police on 999.
If you have experienced or are witnessing abuse it is not your fault and there are local and national services that can provide support.

For professionals who would like to access more information and training visit the GSCB website

STREET Gloucestershire

Safe Teenage Relationship Education & Empowerment Team

A county wide service for young people aged 13-19 affected by domestic abuse:

  • Have experienced or are experiencing teenage relationship abuse
  • Are adversely affected by domestic abuse in the home either current or historic.
  • Are displaying harmful behaviour in their relationships

STREET offers 1:1 support and evidence based group programmes CRUSH & The Recovery Toolkit.

To refer a young person please download the referral form and email securely to:

Referrals to STREET Gloucestershire will be assessed by the team and allocated to the most appropriate type of support.

Referrals through this route will guarantee contact is made with the parent/carer or young person within 10 working days.

For questions about the service or to discuss a referral in detail you can also call our information and message line: 01452 726 584


For Child Sexual Exploitation

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